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my shopping list today
-tomatoes, spinach, eggplant, zucchini, capsicums, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, onion
-lemons (to have cold lemon water before and after bed to flush my liver out and to speed up metabolism)
-mandarins and apples
-probiotic yogurt
-brown rice and quinoa
-muesli cereal
-green tea

do you know how fucking healthy i felt going through the checkout because the answer is a lot!!

i’ve felt gross lately so the past week ive just been trying to eat well and i haven’t eaten frozen/packaged shit since before i went overseas so yay!!

i don’t really have a desire to eat shit food anymore either like i feel more satisfied eating good food too and idk the point of this post but im liking this version of amanda very much

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wearing clothes you bought overseas and then wore overseas except you’re not overseas anymore you’re in sydney and feeling aw

wearing clothes you bought overseas and then wore overseas except you’re not overseas anymore you’re in sydney and feeling aw

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Anonymous said,
"Except the things going on we're foreseen in the bible and are in fact happening. Example, in the last days less ppl will believe and more and more are being drawn to the things of the world. Maybe if you actually took the time to open and read with your own eyes instead of what you hear or heard from someone. You'd know the truth. I bet you see the mark of the beast more than ever and all the negativity. Satan is the master of deception and if you think about it, he doesn't want you to believe."

im laughing so much rn firstly i made this post months and months ago and forgot it even existed and secondly “read with your own eyes” i went to church youth group for 5 years, went to church for 3, and was a leader of 2 different children’s church groups for 2 years soooooooooo
and lastly i don’t believe in god so your satan threat is MEANINGLESS you moron

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it’s that shitty feeling of thinking everyone else’s lives are better than my own that’s slowly creeping into my mind a lot more often than it ever has before

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emily fucking gilmore


emily fucking gilmore

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I bought my friend an elephant for their room.

They said “Thank you.”

I said “Don’t mention it.”

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opposite-of-zero said,
"fucking aussies and their maccas."
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Chips and hash browns in the same meal? The most beautiful thing to ever happen. Maccas dinner/breakfast crossover is heaven on earth 🍟👌 night shifts with @maddiekennett and @bonjoouurkid ❤️❤️#noregrets #timeditperfectly

Chips and hash browns in the same meal? The most beautiful thing to ever happen. Maccas dinner/breakfast crossover is heaven on earth 🍟👌 night shifts with @maddiekennett and @bonjoouurkid ❤️❤️#noregrets #timeditperfectly

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i feel like tall people at concerts have everything they want in the world

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a hoodie and underwear is all you really need to wear tbh

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Anonymous said,
"I guess I just get a bit precious with my money. I have a decent amount saved and work full time (in a corporate type job, not retail or hospitality), so I kind of can't jeopardise my career by taking heaps of time off to travel. also my boyfriend is still at uni (post-grad) so taking time off is also not easy for him. I can definitely afford to travel, it's more a time/priority issue for me. plus wanting to buy a house in a few years. ugh adulthood"

travelling will always be there

buying a house/university/jobs ect will also always be there

i’m in a really good position with my job at the moment too, yes it’s hospitality but i’m in management so leaving the job is a big decision 

but for me  my thoughts were, the older i get the more and more difficult its going to be to leave things and responsibilities at home so it’s now or never

my parents are almost 60 years old and are only just going overseas now and i don’t want it to be like that for me

i honestly don’t think you’d be jeopardising you career by taking time off to travel because you’ll always have that experience behind you so they’ll always be another job

if your boyfriend is close to finishing his course then i suggest to wait

but again i can’t really tell you what to do you’ve just have to sort out if all these things that are holding you back are worth it 

travelling is an amazing experience and will open your eyes up to a whole range of possibilities that you never thought imaginable

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my mother literally just said “i didn’t know sweden had ikea isn’t it australian” w oW

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Anonymous said,
"yo I'm the travel ask anon - I didn't mean to make you mad! just genuinely curious. I want to travel but am wary of spending lots of money then being left with nothing. when I see people who travel a lot I wonder if it's because they prioritise travel over savings. I'm really glad that you have both, now I know it's possible!"

man now i feel really bad for being mad like idk why it made me mad but i’m sorry!!!!!!!! anyway my advice is if you’re worried about or tight on money is, know what you’re going to do before you go - have flights accomodation trains/flights between states/countries all booked before you go

think about a working holiday

generally the more touristy the place is the more expensive it is

flights are way more expensive in high season

tours are a good way to go because almost everything is paid for in the cost price

go to a few travel agencies, they’re always trying to beat each other

if you go by yourself - stick with hostels not hotels (cheaper and you meet people)

my 5 weeks in europe cost me a total of around $11,000
approx $3200 for tour
~ $1800 for return flights
~ $250 for insurance
~ $750 for extra 11 days accommodation in london (we did house share, hostels would be way cheaper)
~ $5000 spending money

that spending money was wayyyyy over what i needed but i didn’t budget at all, most of that money went on optional activities for the tour and alcohol because we drank almost every night

but i know people who did europe for around $3000 by themselves so it honestly depends on how you do it

you can lose a lot of money in exchange rates so be careful about that

anyway i’d love to know more about where you’re thinking of going and when and all of that so feel free to keep asking questions!!!

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ive found my favourite facebook page


ive found my favourite facebook page

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Anonymous said,
"how do you afford to travel so much?? do you have any savings?"

ok well firstly im not actually travelling THAT much i mean i went away for 5 weeks and that’s it and the one i just booked isn’t for another year but

yes i have savings i have a lot of savings which is why i CAN travel

i work 12 hour shifts and 40-50 hours a week and have done for about a year and 9 months 

i still live at home and i’m lucky enough to not pay rent

my usual weekly expenses are $50-$60 a week on petrol and the occasional grocery shopping if my parents don’t buy what i want to eat so i don’t spend a lot.

i don’t often go out because my job requires me to work night shifts especially on the weekends and often 6 days a week so i don’t have the opportunity to do so

i spent the year and a half that i worked there before i went away in july saving up all my annual leave, meaning i worked over christmas new years and easter, so that i’d be able to still receive a weekly income while i was overseas

the tour i just got back on cost me under $7000 in total (tour, flights, extra accommodation for when we weren’t on the tour, insurance) and this was paid for in september 2013. I had up until july this year to save and all that was left to pay for was spending money because accommodation and food is included in the tour price

i took a certain amount over there on a travel card and told myself i wouldn’t go over it, and left my remaining savings in my home account so that i would have money when i return

the tour i just booked i saved $1200 on because it was booked before a certain date
we’re travelling with a cheap airline
we plan to work in hostels in return for accommodation for a bit while we’re over there
we’ve only put down a $200 deposit

my point is
i work fucking hard and i sacrifice a lot just for a few more shifts so i can get more money to save for the things i want to do and i’m smart with my money
you can travel for really cheap if you do it the right way